A mások élete (Das Leben Der Andere)

Egy csodálatos elme (A Beautiful Mind)

Top Gun, Sólyom végveszélyben (Black Hawk Down)

Die Welle

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  • How could the German populace claim ignorance of the slaughter of the Jewish people. How could the townspeople, railroad conductors, teachers, doctors, claim they knew nothing about concentration camps and human carnage. How can people who were neighbors and maybe even friends of the Jewish citizen say they weren’t there when it happened. it was a good question. I didn’t know the answer.
  • As I spent more time playing the role I had less time to remember its rational origins and purpose.
  • Replace reason with rules. Yes, we would all have made good Germans.
  • I found it harder and harder to extract myself from the momentum and identity that the class was developing. I was following the group dictate as much as I was directing it.
  • kit követsz? hova vezet?


Tavasz, nyár, ősz, tél….. tavasz

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