Custom contact notifications for Skype

CCN  – Custom contact notifications for Skype – is a small application for Windows which lets you choose your Skype-contacts do you want to get status change notifications about.

CCN is for you, if

  • you have relatively lot of Skype contacts,
  • you don’t want to get status change (offline, away, online, …) notifications from each of your Skype-friends,
  • but you want to get notifications of some of your Skype-friends!

Skype let’s you turn off notifications (Tools / Options / Notifications / comes online), but I couldn’t find a way to make a selection.


Start this setup.exe when you are online: setup


Turn off Skype’s built-in ‘comes on/offline’ notifications at Skype / Tools / Options / Notifications / comes online, than choose your important contacts in CustomContactNotification’s settings. You may choose one-by-one, or your Skype-groups.

Let this program access Skype if Skype asks it!


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